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Who's Next?

For a while, a few years ago, I was concerned that when the next conclave came around and God granted us a new Pope that he would be someone who was even further out of accord with the traditional practices and beliefs of the Church than we are experiencing right now. An interesting thing has happened in the last couple years. With the recent comments and actions from Pope Francis that have caused some very sincere confusion among the faithful, there has been much more talk about who the "papabile" are (those who have a possibility of being chosen as the next Pope) because many people are seriously saying that we need to get back to our roots and restore the orthodox faith in the Vatican. Cardinals (who are the ones to choose the Pope) are talking a lot right now about the direction that they want things to go in. Maybe you have not heard, but those Cardinals who are now being spoken of as candidates for the future papacy are not the liberals, the modernists, or the unorthodox. Some, whose names are not crucial right now, appear to be even more traditional than either John Paul II or Benedict XVI. Keep praying; we never know what God has in store for us.


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