St. Gregory's Prayer Book

The St. Gregory's Prayer Book

At St. George Catholic Church, we provide everything you need for worship, which can be easily found in the pews. There is never a need to purchase anything to fit right in with our parish community. However, for those who wish to live a more integrated devotional life at home which incorporates our English Patrimony, we recommend the St. Gregory's Prayer Book. This particular prayer book contains a complete volume of Catholic tradition, devotions and prayers in the English Patrimony, as approved by the Ordinariate. This book will allow you to live our customs in your home, at work, and while travelling. It's designed for busy families. The Mass liturgy contained herein is consistent with all liturgies used throughout the Ordinariate, including the one used at St. George. So this book is designed to be taken with you to church, as well as used in your personal life. It's an all-in-one devotional. While it is not necessary to purchase this prayer book, this is the one we recommend if you are so inclined to buy one for your family. Ignatius Press is the publisher.

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