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Yes, there is a Judgment Day

Why do Priests do blatantly stupid things? I read another article about a Priest in Pennsylvania who stole thousands of dollars from his own parish in order to play slot machine games. Yes, horrible; yes, gravely evil; but why did he do something so obviously wrong? At some point he decided to let go of the idea that there is a Judgment Day. It is one thing to ask "can I get away with it now?" It is another to acknowledge that we will never get away with it then.

We will all have to give account of every action before God. Will we be able to hide our evil deeds? No, Scripture tells us that they will all be made known. God knows, and we are fools to think that He will just "forget it" or "let it go". So we should do neither. We must acknowledge that we live every day in the light of the fact that we will pass from this world and give account for every act we perform.


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