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In the Old Testament there are so many wonderful and beautiful images of the spread of the gospel. They are not referring to the spread of God's truth before the coming of Christ (as great as that was), but to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His work in our lives. In today's Old Testament reading we are told about it with the image of a trickle of water spreading until it becomes a flood. At which point, we are told that this water (clearly the saving waters of baptism) are for the healing of everyone. This was written some 600 years before the coming of Christ, 2600 years before any of us were born, and it is an amazing description of the grace that our Lord gives to us. I want you to ponder that for a while: through your baptism you are experiencing the fulfillment of a prophecy. God planned to spread the Sacramental waters of salvation and you are the recipient of them. How about saying a prayer and thanking Him?


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