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Me and Jesus

Some people today claim that they want to have just "me and Jesus" as their faith. They reject "organized religion" (it appears they prefer disorganized religion!) in the name of a self-determined, self-righteous, and self-authoritative imaginary piety. In truth, this idea of "just me and Jesus" is a false idea. Although it claims a sense of religion (wanting to get closer just to Jesus), it is actually only "me and my thoughts about Jesus". Our Lord never encourages us to seek a vague and non-physical experience of Him.

Where, then, do we find Jesus? We find Him in the blessed Sacrament. This means that "me and Jesus" can be found in a few places. First it can be found in the reception of Holy Communion. This is a very personal moment just between the one receiving the Eucharist and Christ, Who is the One being received. No one can receive communion for you, so it is truly "just you and Jesus" in that moment, and although you are kneeling in the pew with your other brothers and sisters, your faith and salvation does not depend on them.

The other way that it can be "just me and Jesus" is during Adoration. Some Saints have said that the personal experience of being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament is a blessing second only to the reception of the Eucharist. In that silent and reflective experience of the physical body of Christ in the monstrance, it truly is "just me and Jesus". You adore Him, and He watches you.

On this Candlemas feast, we recall that Jesus is truly the light of the world. We bless the candles because we are wanting them to help us be reminded of Him and thus help us to draw closer to Him. We truly should want His personal involvement in our lives and a blessed candle burning in our homes is an ideal way to tell us we need Him.

Therefore, we would agree that "just me and Jesus" is a good and important thing. Yet we would want to encourage it to be truly "you and Jesus" and not just "me and my personal feelings about Jesus". That kind of faith is accountable to no one, and under only your own authority and no one else's. Seek Jesus' actual physical presence. Rejoice in that personal reception and experience of Him. He truly is all we need.


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