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Your Psychosis, Not Mine.

Picking up from yesterday's post, there is another layer that I did not mention, but is helpful to deepen our understanding of how bad things are. It is one thing for someone to have a psychosis and claim that he should be allowed to retain it and not be forced to get psychological help. It is entirely another thing for him to believe that others need to be forced to accept his psychosis as reality.

If a person falsely claims that he is the president of America, he has a right to that delusion. Yet, to insist that all of us have to believe it as well is crossing the line. One of the founding principles of this country is that we are allowed to practice any religion we wish (not exactly a Catholic way of doing things, but that is the law of our land). This means that no one is required to accept another person's belief system. We can certainly try to speak to others and convert them, but if they are unwilling they do not need to do so.

Similarly, I as a Catholic believe that everyone should be Catholic, but that does not mean that in this country I have a right to require someone to accept my Catholic doctrines and use Catholic terms for things. If someone wishes to call my church a "worship hall" it is technically inaccurate, but I am not allowed to force him to use my terms.

In the same way, no one has the right to force me to use the terms of his belief system. If he believes that he is a girl (or something midway between girl and boy [as though that exists], or a koala bear, or a lampshade), he is entitled to that error, but I should not be required to call him that, or even to believe that he has evolved into this thing "ex nihilo".

This is the depth of our depravity in America. I am not allowed to insist that others refer to Christ as the One True God, nor His Church as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, nor to His mother as the Blessed Virgin Mary, etc. Yet, there are politicians and judges who believe that they can require the rest of us to use the psychotic terms of "he" for a "she" and "her" for a "him". We have truly come off the rails.


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