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Winter Time!

This is my most favorite and least favorite season of the year. Yes, I know that does not make any sense. It is my most favorite for two reasons, and it is my least favorite for two other reasons. Let me lay them out one by one.

Least favorite reason #1: I barely ever get a chance to go on a motorcycle ride. Yes, here in Missouri we do have an occasional respite from heavy winter weather where it is warm enough and nice enough to go on a decent ride, but that is only few times all winter.

Least favorite reason #2: There is ice and snow and ice (did I mention that we get ice frequently?). This means that it is occasionally hard to travel, and I even have to cancel Masses sometimes because it is too dangerous to get out on the roads.

Most favorite reason #1: I always sleep better during the winter so I feel more rested and refreshed each day.

Most favorite reason #2: I barely ever get a chance to go on a motorcycle ride and there is often ice and snow.

Yes, you read that last one correctly. You see, the fact that I am forced to wait to ride my motorcycle, means every winter I get to practice patience (lucky me!). I often say to people that during the winter I suffer from "Parked Motorcycle Syndrome". What I am actually referring to, however, is the fact that I am forced to "give something up" for the majority of the winter season (I am sure other people experience something similar). This is a great blessing. It keeps me from pursuing something selfishly, and makes me say to myself regularly, "God is in control and I have to wait for Him to change the weather" (sort of like a farmer).

In addition, the ice and snow sometimes keeps me from saying the Mass -- not something I want to have happen, but it does put me in the frame of mind that is akin to when I cannot ride the motorcycle: "God is in control and I have to wait for Him to change the weather". What a blessing to be told by God to slow down, trust Him, and wait on His timing. What a blessing it is when God shows that He is still involved in our lives and loves us enough to remind us that He is One in charge. Look closely and you will see that God loves you enough to inconvenience you at times!


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