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Who is Forgiving Whom?

I read an article recently written by someone who was having fun hating the Catholic Church. She was mainly attacking the Church's position on abortion. At one point she made an argument against the Catholic position by saying that it was "abusive" to women and that everyone who ever held the Catholic position (I guess that means for the entire history of the world) needs to come on their hands and knees and beg forgiveness for the abuse they have heaped on women by being against abortion--not, you understand, for stopping women from having abortions, but merely for holding the Catholic position (to arms, to arms, the thought police are coming!).

They are really trying to twist the whole thing around and stand the truth on its head. I suppose we could be real snarky right now and demand that those who agree with abortion need to beg forgiveness for all the babies they have murdered--no I should not go there; that would not be very nice. There will come a day, however, when a lot of people (and I really mean a lot!) will be begging God for mercy for the babies they have either killed by their own actions or those whom they have supported in killing babies. It is going to be a very shocking moment on Judgment Day for many. "Father forgive them, for I am afraid they know what they are doing."


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