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Who Can You Trust? (1)

Would you trust a mechanic to repair your car who believed that cars were grown on bushes that grew on the far side of the moon? After all, what difference does it make what he believes as long as he can fix the car, right? Wrong. You would know that something is wrong with him if he believed something that is contrary to reality (we used to call people like that psychotic and lock them up so they cannot hurt themselves or others -- now we pass laws to protect them and ensure they have free health insurance and a welfare check).

So then, if we all can get that basic point, I have to ask another question. Would you trust a doctor who believes humans descended from monkeys, denies the existence of God, and does not know the difference between a male and a female? Entrusting the care of your physical well being to someone who is out of touch with reality is not really a wise choice. You need to consider that their view of the world is slanted; so much so that they likely are not giving you good counsel when they provide medical care. Just think about it.

Finally, one more point. Would you trust a spiritual leader who does not believe in the Eucharist (as traditionally defined by the Church), who tells you anything that happened in the Church before 1965 is now wrong, who believes that women can be ordained to holy orders, who feels no guilt at breaking the current laws of the Church, and who refuses to stand for the truth and tell you what you need to hear? Do not be afraid to ask your Priest or Bishop questions. If they cannot give you clear, confident and solid answers that are completely in accord with the Magisterium of the Church, then they cannot be trusted. End of discussion.


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