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Which is Which?

One of the following statements was said by someone who visited at St. George a while ago; the other was said by someone who visited a parish with the Novus Ordo (I will not say which parish). It might be hard, but I want you to try to figure out which is which; take your time, I do not want to rush you. If you need help, feel free to contact me; I would be happy to give you some guidance.

"I attended a Catholic Mass for the first time, and I was totally blown away. I felt like I had entered into a sacred place and there was a mysterious event going on that took my breath away. Everyone else there looked like they were a part of something greater than themselves. After I left, I realized, I want to have what they have!"

"I attended a Catholic Mass for the first time. It was nice; very relaxed atmosphere. The people were friendly and I liked the music. I might go back sometime."


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