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Warning! Offensive Word!

The following post contains an offensive word: "Masculinity". There, I wrote it. I really do not mean to offend anyone, but as a parishioner once said to me, "Father, sometimes we need to be offended to make sure that we are really living our faith" (words that make a priest like me jump for joy!). Wow--here is someone else who is willing to slay dragons! Therefore, I have to be offensive and talk about the "m" word: masculinity.

The only reason we may feel offended by genuine godly masculinity is because we have been duped by genuine ungodly femininity (i.e. secular feminism). Were we able to hold to a proper view of masculinity and femininity, then we would not be offended by either one. Yet, those who are deeply offended by masculinity will also be deeply offended by (true) femininity because they have been led to follow a modern world view that is best described as sexual and gender chaos. If our minds are messed up by the distortions of godly sexuality (most often portrayed by hollywood's priests and priestesses) then we will be deeply bothered by anything that portrays men as men, and women as women (with no gray areas between or around the two!).

As our society degenerates into a new form of suicide, what can we do to stand fast? One thing (among many) is to make sure that we hold to the definitions that God created. Make sure you speak the truth about male and female, even if that means being persecuted for it. Yes, our forefathers sacrificed a lot in order to stay true to the faith; careers, well being, even their very lives. Live the truth in how you present yourself; do not mingle the creation order. Make sure that your life choices fit with the testimony that we are supposed to give -- the testimony that says we serve the Creator of all things above all else.


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