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Vows of Obedience

Many are discussing the recent laicization of Frank Pavone. I do not know much about the situation, but I do think it is wise to remember a basic principle in these situations: "breathe in, breathe out, repeat". None of us has all the information about the situation. Yes, I have read a few articles (pro and con) and I still think I know about 10% of what is going on (maybe).

Just for reference, here are a couple articles that I think are very balanced and give a good perspective on these things: here and here. Yet, even with this, we are still limited in what we know. So let us behave both like we know our limitations, and like we are eternally accountable to God for treating everyone like we want to be treated (yes, that includes Pope Francis).

As a priest myself, I take seriously my vows to my Bishop. I will even sometimes pray that he never order me to do something that I believe is wrong, for I do not want to have to decide in a situation like that (I do not trust myself that much). I do not know what was in Mr. Pavone's mind, but I pray that he is fully penitent of all his sins and trusts Christ to bring him through this.

What is the takeaway then from this mind boggling scenario? Humility, humility and humility; especially the last one! Seriously! One more though that I can think of: let us each ask ourselves how well we submit to the authorities over us. Do we only obey when we like what we hear and then find ways to justify our disobedience otherwise? I hope and pray that is not so.


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