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Too Much Information!

Sometimes when people speak to others, they have little control of their tongues. I am not talking about people who cuss. I am talking about those who give far more information than is necessary. Some folks will tell you details about their colonoscopy that can make your head swim. Furthermore, some people will refer to things that they think perfectly innocent because they themselves do not struggle with the issue, but because some people do struggle they will end up having certain images pop up in their heads that are not helpful for their personal holiness.

Think for a moment about this fact: we are being plagued with information right now. The media and the internet make it possible for us to know far more than is helpful for our personal holiness. Yes, many people want to know, but just because you want something does not make it OK to have it. Like with gossip, if you hear a "horrible" piece of news, what can you do about it? We certainly can pray, but I doubt that is the reason that most news is published today; and I also doubt that is what most people do when they hear something confusing that Pope Francis said.

You are better off not knowing many of these things. If, for some reason, you do know them, then make sure that you are praying. Pray for those who published it, that their hearts may be right in what they are doing. Pray for those who surround the Pope, that they will seek holiness and the good of the Church. Pray for the Pope, that he will use wisdom and guide us rightly. Pray for yourself, that you will receive all that the Lord gives you with humility and grace.


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