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They're Lying to You

In the news recently, there was a story showing how Google was caught interfering in elections 41 times in the past 16 years. They apparently did it by choosing which "information" to show you when you do searches through their internet search engine (a clear reason not to use Google, ever!). The did not merely give you what was "found" in the internet, they chose to put at the top of the list those things that agree with their agenda. I know that there were people who were shocked by this; I heard various types of comments about it. Few people said, "I knew it!"

There was an insistence in the article I read to open an investigation into the practices of the company to determine guilt and prevent it from happening in the future. Sure, investigate them. It is probably true. And, no, they (or any other corporation for that matter) should never try to use deception to influence an election in America; especially to promote an ungodly agenda.

The real problem, however, is not that Google is evil; corporations like this today are definitely lying to you and trying to make you join in their sin. The real problem is that people are trusting them--sometimes implicitly--and allowing themselves to be guided by them. What most people miss is that search engines are not neutral, and the evil of the internet is not only found on sites with pornography. The internet, in itself, is more dangerous than a loaded gun (a device which is neutral in itself, that careless and foolish people use to their own destruction).

I beg of you, please do not be unwise in this. Be discerning. Be aware that the sources of deception are vast and numerous. They are seeking either to make you think like them, or (more often) to make you stop thinking at all. And they will use any and every method to call what they are giving you "information" but secretly feed you with corruption.


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