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They Love to Hate

Goodness never leads to hatred; at least not goodness in itself. Goodness, however, can cause people who are filled with hate to attack goodness. This is because those filled with hate are also filled with a desire for what is evil in itself. Therefore, when someone does something which is genuinely good, those who hate will respond with more hate because the goodness that they see exposes their own love of evil. In essence, we can say that they love showing hatred for what is good.

Hence, when you do good, and people become angry and accuse you of being "bad" or "hateful" or "racist" or whatever term they choose to throw at you this week, they are merely showing that goodness is, well . . . good! Evil cannot tolerate the good and so it does what it can to cover it up and hide it (out of sight, out of mind). No one who seeks evil can endure a life that shows that evil is, well . . . evil!

And thus, from this, we have persecution and martyrdom. So stand fast in goodness, but realize as well, they cannot tolerate having you around.


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