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Their Fear is Our Hope

Nothing is more terrifying to a pagan than to know that God is active in his life. Nothing is more encouraging to a Catholic than to know that God is active in his life. What they fear is precisely what we hope for. We know that they fear it because they spend an untold amount of energy to try to remove any reference to God from their lives.

I have had multiple instances in just the last week of people telling me stories about how they were not listening to the Lord and He did something to shake them by the scruff of the neck and say "Hey!" It is truly a wonderful thing that God does not leave us alone. He intervenes (sometimes in the most amazing ways) to remind us that we are not alone.

How is He reminding you? Have you been blocking Him out (and, essentially, behaving more pagan than Christian)? Do not fear the intervention of the Lord; no, instead, hope for it. Look for it. And when you see it, rejoice in it.


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