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The Voice of Saruman

In the book (not the movie!), The Two Towers, Saruman speaks to Gandalf and the others who are with him soon after Isengard was besieged. Some listening heard one thing, some another. Some thought his voice was beautiful. Some thought he was wise and very profound. Some even wondered if he were actually Gandalf speaking. As you read it, it is clear that he is seeking to gain control of them. The description is an amazing testimony to the way that the devil and his demons infiltrate our brains. They may not actually cause us to believe lies (though they try to do so), but they do deceive us into thinking that they are smart so that we will listen to them more; they want us to believe that they have good advice for our lives. How do you respond to the devil's voice? Do not be proud or presumptuous and think that you would never listen to him. Scripture says he disguises himself as an angel of light. Do not let his "pleasant" voice work its way into your heart!


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