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The Church is not a Democracy!

One of the most troubling aspects of the Synodality-ness that we are being subjected to is the nature of a Synod. As we are reminded (until we are sick of it) that Synod means "walking together", we have to be reminded also that Synod means "walking together" and not necessarily "talking together". Do not misunderstand. I am not wanting to eliminate dialog, but dialog for the sake of dialog only causes people to be upset. No one ever finds resolution or a conclusion; we just keep talking, and talking, and talking, and talking...

Furthermore, to talk endlessly like this gives the impression that the people have a "vote" in the Church, when in fact that is not how the Church works. It is not a democracy, never was a democracy, and (God, please have mercy upon us) should never be a democracy. I was in the Protestant churches for years, and democracy in a church setting (and I have seen it used in multiple different ways) only leads to people being more disappointed than before and it creates malcontents. People should be able to speak to their Priest and Bishop; Priests and Bishops must be willing to listen; but the one's who are accountable for the decisions (please read Hebrews 13:17!) should be the one's making the final decisions.


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