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The internet service was out at our home a few days ago. It seemed like the tower for the signal was gone (!). It is quite revealing as to how we dependent we are on technology. It really seems to have a "technopoly" over us. When things like this happen, it reminds me to reassess. What do I need? What is really important? What has society done to move so much of our activities into the digital realm? Would we survive if the electrical and internet grid disappeared in a moment?

Some sobering thoughts, surely, but they are necessary. We each should do a regular examination and ask ourselves what is really important, and what can we do without. Remember, our faith (and that which is given to us to support our faith, like the Eucharist) does not require electricity or the internet. It is so easy in this modern world to fall into the habit of being dependent on our "devices", and we need to remember that we should be fully dependent on God alone.

(Yes, the internet service is back on; for now...)


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