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Systemic Anti-Catholicism

I was thinking about filing a lawsuit against the majority of the humans on the planet Earth for systemic anti-catholicism. What do you think? Yes, I know that just about everyone has been screaming about systemic this, that, and the other for so long that anyone with a discerning mind is sick of it. In all actuality "anti-catholicism" is the only hatred that is genuinely systemic throughout the whole planet.

Let us be accurate about this: everyone today seems to claim that they are being attacked, and that no one should ever have any kind of prejudice or intolerance of anything whatsoever . . . except faithful Catholicism. That is the one thing that is ok to be biased against; in fact, in some circles it appears that anti-catholic bias is required and that you will be attacked if you do not follow suit.

For something to be systemic means that it is entrenched into the very fiber of a society. Now of all the things that the devil hates, the truth of the Catholic faith is top on his list. Yes, he does hate things that are non-catholic (people, marriages, etc.), but that is usually only because they happen to hold to the same position as the Catholic Church (even if they do not know it).

Therefore, if there is anything that the devil wants to get people to unite against it is going to be the Catholic truth. Thus, when we see the world hating us we should not be surprised. For that matter, we should not be surprised when other Catholics hate us for holding to the unchanging truth of God. Truth is offensive by nature to those who love evil.

So the world has a "systemic" bias against Catholicism. Of course, the world also thinks that this systemic bias is a good thing. They, essentially, love to hate the Catholic Church. That is ok because we have God on our side. No, I do not think it is ok that they are going to Hell for their hatred, but it is ok for us, because we are not going to change just because they do not like who we are.

If there is any systemic hatred or prejudice, then it is against that which is eternally true, and that which is divinely inspired and protected. The world has a systemic hatred against the Catholic faith. No, I probably will not file that lawsuit I mentioned earlier. But it would be an interesting trial to watch, though; would it not?


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