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Standing Out

I just had a totally unbelieveable experience. I sent an email to a customer service department for a product I bought (that was not working properly). What shocked me was that they actually wrote back and tried to help me get the product working; and I do not mean a week later, but within a few hours! Then, when we could not get it working, they gave me a refund; again within a few hours! I am stunned. Whatever else someone might say about them, that company is actually trying to please the customer.

In today's economic disaster, a company like that stands out. We remember them because they are not like the rest. When the world is as messed up as it is right now, it makes it a bit easier to stand out. You do not really need to be that fantastic in order to be noticed. This is also true for us as Catholics. We can stand out by just doing simple faithful actions. There is really no excuse for anyone not to make the faith known; especially when we realize how ignorant the world is about the Catholic faith. We are able to be faithful by the grace of God, and that is what also enables us to stand out.

The world needs to see us as different. It needs to see that we are dedicated to our Lord, and that we really mean it when we call Him our God. In a day and age like we are living in, it is easier to stand out: let us make sure that we are standing out for the right reasons!


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