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St. George Feast Day

Today is St. George's Day. He is the patron of our parish, so today is a good day to say an extra prayer to him and ask him for his intercession on our behalf. There are numerous ways that our little parish has already been blessed, but that is no reason not to say a special prayer today. Think of something that you know would be good for the parish and ask St. George to pray for it. If it truly is a good thing, he will bring it before our Lord.

Also, it is important to note that many in England and America only see St. George as a nice story -- almost as though he is nothing but a myth. Let us make sure, in the depth of our hearts, that we truly do appreciate that he is the dragon slayer. He was a real man, who lived a real life, and slayed a real dragon (whatever that dragon was, it was not just a metaphor!).

Honor him today by "slaying a dragon". Is there are a "dragon" in your life that is hindering your faith, or something that might be keeping you captive? Today is the day to make an extra effort to conquer it. St. George can help -- just ask him!


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