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St. George Parish is Eight Years Old

Eight years ago today, I was packing for the move to here in Missouri. I had been assigned as the administrator of St. George community. There was only about fifteen other people in the community at the time. Today we have about one hundred and fifty active members.

We have grown in eight years. Not "explosively" as do some Ordinariate parishes, but considering the small number of Catholics in this area of the country, we have done quite well. God has provided so much to this parish from so many different sources, I cannot list them all.

Today, I am packing for my move into a new home; and I thank God that I am still serving as Priest here at St. George. We have weathered some storms, and survived through it all. We have had our share of trials and challenges, but in them all God has helped us to remain faithful to Him.

If you like St. George parish, take a moment today to thank God for what He has done in bringing us to the point we are at today. Give Him all the glory for granting us the wonderful grace of being a part of His Church.


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