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Sinners! Oh my!

You know what? This may shock you, but I found this out, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew it: there are sinners in this parish! I’ve met them; and some of them have even told me in the confessional that – get this – they’ve sinned! I know this may be hard to believe, but it is true.

There is something else that you should be aware of: the Church is not for the (self-) righteous, but for sinners who want to repent of their sins and find salvation. So, I want everyone to be prepared: you very well might meet someone at St. George parish who sinned; maybe even some really big ugly type of sins. In fact, you may even have to talk to them, or spend time around them (oh no!). Do not let it cause you to be unsettled.

Remember this: you probably should not go around talking about others and their sins, since that is in itself a sin, and that would make you like them. Also, do not presume that they need salvation more than you do; after all, the purpose of the Church is to help penitent people (including you) to find salvation.

It may make things difficult for some, but together we can get through this. (Yes, this is written facetiously. Mostly; at least a little bit.)


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