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Sin is Sneaky, but Good is Mysterious

Evil sneaks in invisibly at times. We do not always see it until after it has taken hold in society around us. Carrie Gress tells about the early meetings of the radical feminists and how they actively wanted to destroy the family and encourage abortion (you can read about this in her book, The Anti-Mary Exposed). They knew they could not be open about their vile desires, so they sought ways to change people's thinking and make everyone love the destruction of the world's most important institution: the family.

Yet, as evil tries to work its way into the world and tries to find ways to hide, good is just the opposite. God does not work in a sneaky way, but He does work in a mysterious way. To do something in secret is not necessarily sneaky. Sneaky implies an awareness of the fact that people will resist and you are trying to "put one over" on them. Secret implies the intent to avoid drawing attention to oneself for the purpose of helping others. It is the difference between doing something "behind one's back" and doing something for the sake of surprising someone with good news.

The Immaculate Conception was done secretly. God did not announce it to anyone, and He avoided drawing attention to it because none would have fully grasped what it meant. Only after the resurrection of Christ and His ascension into Heaven could we look back and realize the point of the Immaculate Conception. Before it would have been just a "unique miracle". Afterward it is a display of God laying the groundwork for what He was going to do later in the Virgin Birth and later life of Jesus.

God hides His work sometimes, yes. He does not, however, hide it to keep something from us so He can "get away" with it. He hides it so that we can appreciate it more when we do discover what he is doing. He does this often in our lives today. Right now, though you are unaware of it, God is working something out in your life and you will not know it for a long time. I do not know what it is, only He does, but when you learn of it you will be able to say, "My soul doth magnify the Lord" as the blessed Virgin did.


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