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Reverence and Tradition

Down deep, we all know that reverence and tradition are good things. This is even true of those who are pagan. We all want to revere something greater than ourselves (it is why we so easily fall into idolatry). We also know that consistent truth (rather than fluctuating ideas) are comforting and give us stability. Only someone with a warped mind could find comfort in chaos (and there are some who are really that warped, but not many).

So then, what does it take to get someone who is drowning in a modernistic obsession with the "Almighty god of New Stuff" to find respect for ancient tradition and reverence? This latent knowledge needs to be awakened in them. There are many things that might do it. I hear stories regularly from people who say that "they woke up to reverence" one day. Maybe it was attending a Mass, or maybe it was something they read in a book. IT might even be and example of irreverence! Regardless, God uses various things to spark the flame of reverence in our hearts.

What can you be doing for those people in your life (family, co-workers, etc.) who do not get it? You may not know perfectly just what that person needs, but your part is crucial. Wherever you are able to give the example of your joy and appreciation of what it means to show reverence to God is crucial. Live out the joy of knowing the truth and being confident in what it says. Do not treat it as insignificant. Joy is contagious and if we really do believe what we say, then we believe that the greatest joy is found in obedience to God.

Pray for them. Give examples to them. Show the world how wonderful our Lord really is (remember, He created them as well). Seek to be that "spark" that awakens them. God has done it many times and He will continue to do it, both with those who do not even know Him, and with those who are already His people. Each knows this truth already, they just need to be shown it and reminded of it as a reality.


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