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Reading the Scriptures (4)

Do you read the Scriptures enough to be able to need to figure out how to interpret them? Certainly, the Church is the divinely authorized guide in that interpretation, but that does not mean we are not supposed to read them, learn them, and inwardly digest them (as one of our unique prayers from Divine Worship Mass says). We are to be reading even if we do not understand them because the heart of faith given over to the Word of God will always bring spiritual benefits beyond what we can know.

Think about this: the one person, more than any other (even you in a bad mood) who wants you not to read the Bible is Satan. So read the Bible. Learn the Words of God. But do so as a Catholic (not a Pharisee, or a Protestant, or an atheist). Recognize that humility and trust in God are essential for us to benefit from the many challenging things that Scripture says to us.


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