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Quick, Look!

There was once a college history class where the first day of class there was a name written on the corner of the blackboard. Never once during the semester did the professor refer to it, nor did he erase it. At the midterms, the first question on the exam was "what was the name written on the corner of the blackboard". Every student glanced up at the board, only to find that the name had been erased. Every student got that question wrong. When they later complained about that question on the exam, the professor said, "History is not only about those things that people tell us about, but also about those things that we have to pay attention to ourselves."

Are you paying attention to those things in your life that no one is pointing out; those things that God does that are obvious, but also easily ignored? The Lord wants us to learn to watch and remember. Only in doing this do we truly learn. It is easy to learn when someone explains it to us, but God wants us to go beyond that, and actually see for ourselves His gracious hand in all His works. Quick, look up at "the board"; what is written there right now?


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