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Prayer Needed

I am going to ask for prayer for our Holy Father Pope Francis. His health has been steadily declining for a while, and it appears he is not doing well lately. No, he does not appear to be on his deathbed, but one sickness after another at his age, and with his preexisting conditions, means that it is not easy for his body to recover from these things quickly.

Thus, pray for him; whether you like him or not. He is our Holy Father (yes, I know a few of you wonder if that is true, but since we cannot be sure that he is not, we listen to our Bishop who says that Francis is the Pope; if something is determined later to be different, then we will know and it is not our job in the first place to make that determination; and if you are still struggling, remember Jesus said to pray for our enemies!). Pray for his health; pray for his soul; pray that God will take care of him and grant him grace.


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