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Pondering Confession (1)

Statistics say that the Sacrament of Confession is, of all Sacraments, practiced the least. In my experience (including testimony from other priests), I would say that about 75% of the parishioners in your average Catholic parish never go to confession (some openly admit they have not been to confession in 20-30 years!). Yet, at the same time, about 99% of the parishioners receive communion every time they go to Mass. That means that 74% of Catholics are not in of a state of grace and without repenting they have no hope of eternal salvation (i.e. they are going to Hell).

I should make something clear (though I should not have to, I will do so). If you receive communion outside a state of grace (i.e. if you have committed a grave sin and not gone to confession) then you are compounding your sin. It is a sin to take communion if you have not been to confession since the last grave sin you committed. No loopholes; no "different way of seeing it"; no compromise; essentially, no mercy, because it qualifies as unrepentance and mercy is only for those who turn from their sin and seek holiness. God never, even once, offers mercy to those who refuse to repent.

This is not a small issue. It means that it is very likely that the majority of Catholics alive today are digging their own graves every time they receive communion! I cannot say this enough: Go To Confession.


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