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Ordinariate: Still No Meat Today

No, Bishop Lopes did not issue a dispensation for us to eat corned beef today (I would have announced it last Sunday if he had). Yes, it is St. Patrick's feast day, and that is why 70% of Catholic Bishops in these USA did so. Personally, I am glad that Bishop Lopes did not do so, but that is just my preference that we keep up our Lenten requirements (which are really not that hard to begin with).

If you were hoping the he would have done so, I would encourage you to ask yourself the few following questions:

  1. Why did you want to eat meat? Was it really to honor the feast of St. Patrick, or was it just to avoid the Lenten requirement?

  2. What are you devoted to when you think of St. Patrick's day? Is it deeper holiness, or just the fun of green clothes, shamrocks, parades, and leprechauns?

  3. Who would truly benefit if you had been allowed to have some corned beef today? Would it really be the community of the faithful (for whom we should be concerned), or is it just your taste buds?

  4. How would you make up for the lack of Lenten devotion that would have been practiced today? Would you choose another sacrifice to perform (as some Bishops required of their people) or just be happy that you did not need to eat that fish?

  5. When else could you have had the corned beef? Tomorrow? Do you think St. Patrick in Heaven would understand a 24 hour delay? I am sure he would.

  6. Where do we go from here? Let us each make sure that we seek to celebrate (whatever we are celebrating) for the right reasons. Let it always be to honor God, to rejoice in His blessings, and to grow more holy!


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