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Outside of Divine or Ecclesiastical Law, the most important law for people to learn is called the law of non-contradiction. This law, basic to all rational thinking, says that, something cannot be so, and also not so, at the same time and in same way. In other words, it is mental suicide to say that "that is true for you, but not true for me." You can say, "you believe that, I believe this", but that is not the same thing. Certain prelates in the Church have broken this law more times than anyone other than God can count, and I am fairly certain that they have no idea that they have done so.

Here is a basic, and essential, point: either the Catholic faith is true, or it is not. There is no way to "pick and choose" in the faith, and decide what you like and what you do not. Dogma is a consistent whole, and if we jettison one part (like to reject the Church's teaching on sexuality), then we must jettison the entire thing, for a foundational principle in the Church's Magisterium is that Christ promised to ensure that all dogma in the Church will be infallible.

Thus, if one part of Catholic Dogmatic teaching is "wrong" then the entire thing is wrong. This certainly does not apply to the opinions or ideas of certain individuals (who can be wrong), but only to the established Dogmas of the Church as handed down from the Apostles. Know what you believe; know your faith; and know that God never contradicts Himself!


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