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Mass Restrictions?

I once read a story about some Catholics who went through a horrible persecution by a totalitarian regime. They had to do without Mass for long periods of time. Sometimes only being able to attend Mass once in six months. I can only barely imagine what that would be like.

In the first few centuries of the Church there were various and sundry persecutions that kept people from many of the practices of our faith; the Mass of course being the most significant. I hope that they are praying for us now. After having such freedom in this country for so long, if the Mass is taken away from us, we cannot be certain that will deal with it in a mature and holy manner.

Could a political or (even!) ecclesiastical regime keep us from the Mass? Yes, that is possible, and though I do not give much to rumors about what might be happening in Rome, it would not be the first time God's people were forced to suffer. Yes, it would be evil for either the civil government or the Church hierarchy to restrict our ability to worship God, but it has happened before and we should be prepared for it to happen again.

The question we must ask right now, before that day arrives, is how will we respond? If we whine and fuss and behave like a two year old who had his candy taken away, then we clearly do not understand the faith. God does want us to suffer, and that sometimes includes vital parts of our faith. Will God give that to us today? Possibly. A rebellious demand for what we want (even if it is a godly thing) is not necessarily a godly response.


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