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Masculine Minds

I once read a story about some Knights in the middle ages. The met up with a man at one point in the story who had never been trained in any way to defend himself. He was, essentially, a big sissy. The story tells about how he learned to be a good, godly man who can defend himself and protect his family. Before his change he had certain views of things, and many of those views changed when he finally gained a backbone. He did not just become a man physically, he did so mentally as well.

It appears that many of the decisions being made by Catholic men today are based more on a lack of masculinity than on a true heart for God. Men (I am speaking to you!), how do you make decisions? Do you have a set of ideas that guide you in your life which are more attuned to the world than to Christ? Men are supposed to be brave and yet today I see more prideful rudeness than bravery. A man with a masculine mind will learn how to be brave. A man with a feminized mind will steadily emasculate himself.

Men, have you surrendered to the modernist rejection of capital punishment (which is not truly Catholic)? Have you given in to the feminist idea of egalitarianism in the home (which is also not Catholic)? It is not just actions that are masculine (like shooting guns, smoking cigars, and slugging each other in the shoulder for fun), but also philosophies. Men need to accept the fact that the devil wants their minds; he wants them to give up every idea that can make them truly strong.


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