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Loving God

Scripture says love does not keep a record of wrongs (cf 1 Corinthians 13). Do you keep a record of your own wrongs by dwelling on sins you have committed? Do you focus on things and let them eat you up inside? So then who is it that you are failing to love when you do this? Not yourself, no. It is God. When God forgives you in the confessional, you are supposed to accept that love and respond by loving Him as well. Love for God means accepting the grace and forgiveness that God gives you. He wants you to learn from your sins so that you will not go back and do them again, but He does not want you constantly to bring them to mind so that they make you fall into despair. Love says that we leave the past in the past, and do not resist the love of God. So the next time you start to dwell on your mistakes and those memories begin to hinder your faith, remember this: God loves you, so love Him in return.


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