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Internet Evil

Do you draw attention to your difficulties? How do you handle problems? Is it like a Saint, or like a sinner? We all seek after sympathy when we suffer, but we can each seek for sympathy in a holy way and in an unholy way.

When you read something on the internet that you disagree with (I am not speaking about the outright evil that is all over the internet), do you draw attention to your disagreement? Do you say (by your deeds) "hey look at me!" Or have you learned to overcome that temptation and maintain self control? That lack of self control that so many have when they get upset at an internet comment or article is one of the worst forms of "internet evil".

When I was a kid, there was no internet, and no one I knew ever even thought about such a thing. The closest idea in Sci-Fi (e.g. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series) never once appears to consider the idea that it would go beyond the purpose of simple information and become an addictive vice that opens the doors to every kind of evil. We need to be better guarded when we peruse the internet.

I came across this comment recently and realized how genuinely holy a form of advice it is:

"I saw a post I didn't agree with today. I kept scrolling. Try it sometime, you might actually like it."

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