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Did you know that all of Lent is called a "fast"? If you read the collects (opening prayers) for Mass during Lent, you will hear it refer many times to "this time of fasting", or how we "abstain from food", etc. This is not just a metaphor. We are supposed to be fasting and abstaining from things all the way through Lent. It used to be required, but even though it no longer is, that does not mean we can just ignore that wonderful practice. For many, Lent is only a minor inconvenience and that is shameful for that means they are getting almost nothing out of it. When we make the traditional sacrifices of Lent, by giving things up (especially various foods) then we are learning what it means for Jesus to have given up things for us. It is truly a sign of God's grace that many of the faithful at St. George parish are returning to the ancient practices of a "season of fasting" and truly are learning the joys of self sacrifice. Make sure you do not allow Lent to be nothing more than "an inconvenience".


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