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I should not have to say it but...

Since there is some talk out there right now (mostly outside the Church) about dropping the legal exception for the seal of Confession (i.e. requiring priests to tell the authorities when someone confesses child abuse), I must speak up. There is a fantastic video out there by Trent Horn giving reasons why this is wrong (both ecclesiastically and in the secular realm). Regardless of the fact that this is settled in Church teaching for 2000 years now, I expect that there will be some who jump on board to this foolish idea. Thus, I profess...

I took my ordination vows seriously. I will not break the seal of the Confessional. They can send me to jail (etc.) but I will not give in. To make it perfectly clear: when you come to me, you can receive the sacrament of Confession with the seal that the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church requires.


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