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How Ya Doin'?

I find it a good practice to do a quick "check up" on my Lenten devotions after the first week of Lent. Today is over a week since Ash Wednesday, but just under a week from the first Sunday of Lent. It is a good time to see how you are doing and enough time to correct any errors and get back on the right path.

Have you kept the goal you set so far? Have you slipped a bit already? It is a good time to get it back in gear and make sure that you are on the right track, and not too late to make you feel "why bother?". Consider right now whether your goal was too big (because you are failing constantly), or too small (you find it too easy and not a real sacrifice). It is better to adjust and succeed than to fail and quit. You should also ask yourself if you are not "into it" and thus just going through the motions. If so, make sure that you are spending time in prayer asking the Lord to give you the conviction you need to be able follow through.

Do the personal spiritual assessment as soon as you can (maybe you are doing it as you read this). Do not get discouraged. The purpose of this is to help you get back on track if you wandered off. That alone should be an encouragement; getting back on the right path is always encouraging. You can still do this, make sure you take full advantage of Lent.


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