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How Old is Your Baby?

How old is a child on the day he is born? Most would quickly say "one day old", but is that really correct? Consider another aspect of this question. A man was once speaking to his Priest and said, "My wife is pregnant. I'm going to be a father!" The Priest replied, "No, you're already a father." Do we think of it that way? Most do not; why not? If we are truly consistent with what the faith teaches us, then we would work toward distinguishing a person's age from his birth date. When a person is born, he is (most commonly) about 9 months old, not one day old. No, we likely cannot determine the exact date of that infant's conception, but that does not mean that he came to life at his birth (that is the abortionist's belief, after all, right?!). I suppose we all could count our conception as 9 months before our birth date and celebrate our conception day! So whether you count your age based on conception or birth, make absolutely sure that you do nothing to make it appear that the child who is not yet born into this world is not yet alive.


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