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Hold the Line

Someone asked me recently, "What are we supposed to do about the fact that it looks like most people in the Church today are going apostate?" I said, "Stand and fight." He asked, "How? We don't have the power or authority to do anything about this moral and doctrinal disaster we are being given." I told him, "Stand and fight, with the weapons of holiness." It may seem tempting to run and hide, but that is not the Catholic way. We have not parted from the historic Catholic faith, they have; we are the faithful, they are the rebels. This is Christ's Church, not the Church of heretics, schismatics, or immoral perverts. They need to repent or leave, and if they refuse to do so willingly, then Christ will call them to account and conquer them. This is our Church, and we have 2000 years of history, theology, morality, and all the Saints on our side. Hold the line.


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