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Hijacking Minds

I have been reading a few different sources lately about the way that modernism infiltrated American society at the beginning of the 20th century. Some of it is quite shocking. The most startling aspect of it is how modernists (even a century ago) saw the need to control the school system. John Dewey had a major impact in the destruction of the souls of children in these USA.

We might want to say "the schools are not that bad" (I have heard it many times), but what do we see in the majority of schools? Grave and horrible sins are being encouraged and children are being told to lie to their parents. What started as a bad idea has degenerated into filth being poured into the minds of American children. Although it may not have been the plan originally, American children have been catechized in the philosophy of an atheistic modernist immorality.

Wherever the children go to school, parents need to make sure that they are not just telling children the truth, but also showing them what is wrong with the lies. They need to learn logic, and critical thinking. They need to have it explained to them how easy it is for a pagan to hijack their minds if they are not guarding themselves. And this is my real goal: in order to do this rightly, everyone one of us (even those without children in the home) needs to learn this for ourselves. Are you really protecting your mind?


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