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God's Will

Do you want to do God's will? I am not referring to the specific sense of the moral will of God (i.e. the 10 commandments, etc.). Rather, I am referring to the specific life choices that God wants you to make (assuming, of course, that God does have specifics that He wants for you). Do you want to buy the home that God wants you to buy? Do you want to take the job that God wants you to take? Do you want to marry the person God wants you to marry?

What if, instead, God said to you, "pick what you want, just make sure it is good and holy"? How would you respond to that? That would require a bit more wisdom and more time to consider it. It would mean that there is not a particular choice that God wants you to make in every instance of life. Yes, there are times when God does have a specific choice He wants, but that is not the case in every life situation. As St. Augustine said, "love God and do what you want"; meaning that if you are truly loving God, then what you want will be in accord with His desires for you.

It was St. Ignatius who told us, "God gives each one of us sufficient grace ever to know His holy will, and to do it fully." This means that if there is a specific choice God wants from you, He will not keep it secret or try to keep you from discovering it. He will grant not just the information, but also the means to understand it and to perform it. Only a cruel despot would do otherwise, and our Lord loves us enough to help us along the way.

So, once again, do you want to do God's will? Assuming you say "yes", the answer to that is: then He will enable you to do it. Take heart and trust in Him.


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