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Tweeking Things

Prices are high right now. So, people need to earn more in order to pay these higher prices. Then the government decides to raise the minimum wage. The result is that the employer now needs to raise his prices even more in order to compensate for the higher wages he needs to pay out. It is a vicious circle and it is impossible ever to get caught up; there is no plateau in that system.

The same kind of thing can happen with the Mass. If the Mass is modernized, then people will get used to the modernisms and no longer be able to appreciate the ancient and historic form of the Mass. Yet, modernisms get boring after a while so then they need to be updated again, and the people eventually get bored again, etc., ad nauseam. Every new tweek added to the Mass today, just increases the problems.

We need to learn that tweeking some things never helps to make them better. The Mass especially (but the economy is a biggie also) is like this. We are not supposed to be looking for the newest "idea" or "technique" when it comes to the Mass. That is the way of the world, and it always leads to disaster.

Only when we understand that the developments that the Mass has gone through over the last twenty centuries has all been slow and organic, will we be able to stand back and leave it alone. That is when we allow the Holy Spirit to do the work He promised to do: to lead us into the truth; especially the truth of the liturgy and how to keep it reverent.


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