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Fulfilled Desires

Every one of the seven Sacraments is granted to us as a satisfaction and sanctification of an innate desire of every human. We do not all pursue each of these in the same way, but God knows what we need and has designed the Sacraments for our good. Our lives are not only about our desires (or they are not supposed to be), but when God does fulfill our godly desires, it is for the good of all. Consider the following:

1) Baptism fulfills the desire to be united with God

2) Confession fulfills the desire to be reconciled with God

3) Confirmation fulfills the desire to grow in holiness

4) The Eucharist fulfills the desire to be nurtured and nourished in the faith

5) Marriage fulfills the desire to be united to another person and bring children into the world

6) Ordination fulfills the desire to help others fulfill their godly desires

7) Holy Anointing fulfills the desire to be healed and ushered into Heaven

This is certainly not a comprehensive list, and I am sure that there are other aspects to each of these that I have not thought of, but the point should be clear.


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