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Don't You Care?

I assume you have probably heard the quote: "They were the best of times, they were the worst of times." Maybe I can offer just a small bit of a twist: "These are the worst of times, these are the best of times." Yes, there is a twist there.

Every day recently I speak to people who are struggling, confused and bewildered (there are probably a few more adjectives I could come up with). They want to know what to do and how to respond to the "twilight zone" feeling of the current insanity that we are going through (both inside and outside the Church!).

Let me say, for us, it feels like the "worst of times"; only a few things could possibly make this worse than it is. That means, however, that something good is on the horizon. God never takes away good things without replacing them with better things. We all know this down deep (and some Saint once actually said this!), but it is hard to believe when you are in the middle of the "worst".

It is precisely because of the "worst times" that we can say it is the "best of times" because this is the way that God always works. He always is doing something to point us in the right direction. No matter who says something or does something that causes your heart to fear (really -- it does not matter who it is) Jesus is not afraid. Recall the disciples telling Jesus "do you not care if we perish?" when the waves were increasing. And Jesus said, "O you of little faith!".

Yes, we of little faith. He does care, and is already doing something. Though it may look like He is asleep on a cushion, He is very awake and is at work to make this all pan out. Do not be like dumb sheep who just sit and stare, but also do not be like those who live every day in fear. We can get through this, because Jesus promises that He will enable us to do so. Make it your daily prayer: "Jesus, because You care, show us how to be faithful in these days You have chosen for us. Amen."


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