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The devil is coming after you today. Well, maybe not you specifically (few of us are powerful enough for the devil to worry about us -- he usually goes after the biggies, like Popes and Bishops!), but he is coming after the Church, and if you are Catholic then you are a part of those he is coming after.

In his attacks on the Church, he tries desperately to look for the "weakest link". In a day and age like ours, one of the most significant "weak links" is our disunity. Admittedly, it is hard to be unified when there is so much disobedience in the Church, and there are so many claiming to serve Christ while working against all that is holy.

The result of these problems is at least a certain degree of disunity in the Church. Much of this disunity has been created, and further encouraged, by many of those in the highest parts of the Church hierarchy. Yet, regardless of how it came about, here it is, and we have to deal with it. And this means that the devil wants to take advantage of it. He wants to use our disunity to create even more problems than we already have.

While we may struggle with our Catholic brethren who choose irreverence, innovation, and immorality as "new way" of being Catholic (though they are simply the old way of being a heathen), we must make sure that we remember they are our brethren. They are, by baptism, united to us in Christ, and "if one member suffers, then all suffer" (as St. Paul said it).

Do we pray for our confused brethren? Do we do unto them as we would have them do unto us? Only in this way can we prevent our disunity from destroying us, and, by the grace of God, turn it back into unity when we can once again "agree in the truth of God's holy Word".


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