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Distortions of the Eucharist

Many Catholics, including clergymen, over the last few decades have been promoting a view of the Eucharist which is contrary to Catholic teaching. It does not appear this way when you hear the words, until you dig deeper. Then you can see that they are aiming at destroying the traditional understanding of the Eucharist and replacing it with something that is -- in the nicest terms I can use -- distinctly Protestant. This is heresy and we must recognize it.

Therefore, to clarify matters: The Eucharist is not a symbol of welcome; it is a sacrifice brought forward in time to the present. Those who wish to refashion the Eucharist want it to be given to anyone and everyone regardless of whether they are Catholic or whether they are in a state of grace. At the root this is a demonic desire to desecrate the Sacrament by forcing people to receive it unworthily.

Receiving communion is not a sign of hospitality; it is humble submission to the Almighty Creator and Redeemer. I know of clergy who want us to think of the altar as a "dinner table" so that we can be forced to give communion to any who walk in the church door -- as though withholding it was "unkind". This is a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the Sacrament. This treats the Sacrament as though it were just common food to be given to whomever wishes. The Eucharist is more akin to the intimacy of husband and wife than common food -- it must only be given within the proper covenant boundaries; anything else is spiritual adultery.

The Mass is not for giving us good feelings; it is for the glory of God, and Him alone. This error is why there are so many priests who seek to make the Mass a casual and contemporary place of "happy-clappy-joy-joy-feelings". This also degrades the Mass (and the Eucharist that comes from it) because it treats it like an entertainment program and not what it truly is: the entering into Heaven of the faithful to experience the eternal sacrifice of Christ. The awesome nature of the Mass should terrify us. Only when we realize what it means to be in the presence of God, will we begin to grasp what we do in the Mass.

Do not give in to the devil's schemes. Stand fast in the truth and you will be able to recognize error when it is thrown at you!


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