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Different Worlds

Picture a scenario where there are two men in a doctor's office waiting room. One man with a smartphone; one man without one. Which is bored? The one with the smartphone is. You see, the one with the smartphone is so used to having his attention occupied with the phone (and whatever it is people stare at on those things for hours on end) that he cannot easily put it down; he has become dependent on it. Thus, he keeps staring out of an addictive attachment to the sensory stimulus. He is bored, and becomes more bored with every minute needing more and more eye candy to keep his attention.

The man without the smartphone, however, is not bored. He is in control of his mind and thoughts, and is able to ponder, meditate, and consider. He is able to spend time using his mind, rather than having his mind used by someone else. He is not bored because he is able to occupy himself with his own daydreams and ideas.

Two people: same planet, different worlds.


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