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Crooked Pictures

Someone once said that if I tell everyone I know that the pictures on the walls of their homes are all crooked (when they are not), it does not make my pictures straight (when they are not). If someone is wrong, he is wrong, and all the amount of screaming and yelling he can muster up will not change that.

Today, we have many people who raise their voices quite loudly in criticism of the Church and her members; often people who do that are trying to distract their listeners from recognizing that their sins are worse than the ones they are complaining about. Some healthy self-examination is vital for spiritual well being; especially when someone has fallen into the "distraction game".

Yes, there are a ton of things to complain about in the Church today (I do my own share of complaining at times--even here on this blog--I know that). Let us make sure that we do not do so as a self-justification, seeking to avoid our own accountability before the Lord. Yes, it may be easy to "sound off" about others "crooked pictures". We each need to go through our own home and "straighten the pictures" first.


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